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Messy Church May 2016

Come and join us for Messy Church on Thursday 12th May at 3.30pm! 



Messy Church in September 2012

With a theme of new beginnings, we celebrated the start of the new term with lots of fun activities. Children could help Laura to build a sugar cube church (those with nimble fingers welcome!). The children could decorate church biscuits with Sue, including sour licorice ribbon for stained glass windows. Wendy and Di helped the children to create a lovely collage. Graham and Liz helped plant sycamore seeds with the children. Joyce and Kay helped to make prayer cards. 

Please come and join us on Thursday 11th October.


Messy Church in June 2012

Thank you for everyone's patience as we had to relocate activities to the hall whilst work took place in church for the installation of Bertie Boiler. The theme was based on the Patriachs of the Bible. Children were able to make healthy chariots (using crackers, cucumber, carrot sticks and cheese spread) with Sue. Junk modelling took place on the theme of cars (with some lovely creations). Joyce and Kay helped the children to make keyrings for Fathers Day and to create a box to wrap it up in. They made Fathers Day cards with Wendy and Liz. Everyone had fun with Jeremy, playing with shaving foam.

Please come and join us at the next meeting on Thursday 12th July. 

Messy Church in April 2012

Messy Easter was a lovely session where the children helped to make an Easter tree. We decorated resurrection crosses and made prayer crosses. They enjoyed making edible rice krispies nests and did Easter in an egg. The next meeting will be on Thursday 10th May.

Messy Church in February 2012

Messy 2012 started with the theme of 'Temptations in the Wilderness (Luke 4:1-13). Linked to the third temptation where the devil invited Jesus to throw himself off the roof of the temple, the children had the opportunity to make mini parachute dolls with Joyce and Kay. Sue and Don helped the children to decorate cross necklaces. The children were invited to make a chocolate temptation (with a catch!) with Lynne and Di. Will these chocolates last until Easter?!? We'll have to wait until next Messy Church to find out how they're doing! Linked to the wilderness and desert, the children were able to play in the sand with Jeremy and make pet rocks (or should that be rock pets?) with googly eyes and sparkly pom poms, helped by Laura and Jean. The children made a Lent pathway calendar with Liz and Rachel. 

A huge thank you to everyone who helps make the afternoon run so smoothly. 

Tune in next month on Thurs 8th March with the theme of Mothers of the Bible.

Messy Christmas in December

We wish you a Messy Christmas and a Happy New Year! Everyone had a wonderful time with lots of crafts and fun. 

There's no Messy Church in January so we look forward to seeing you in February - keep Thursday 9th February free.

Messy Church in November

What an amazing afternoon! Our largest Messy Church session yet with 102 people attending - fantastic! 

This month we concluded the theme of discipleship with sending Jesus' message out with the disciples. A colourful collage was created with help from Rachel and Graham. Joyce and Kay were in the meeting room where children could decide on their own message to voice! Lots of modes of transport were made in the junk modelling children's area, with rockets, cars, boats and airplanes amongst them. Lynn helped the children to make a really long paper people chain. Liz and Jeremy gave the children the opportunity to practise the hymm before the service. The children could make a sparkly invitation to Messy Christmas to give to their friends (please feel free to join us!).

With today's high attendance, we really saw the value of team work - thank you to everyone who helped, it's all much appreciated. 

Don't forget MESSY CHRISTMAS - a glitter covered event with lots of fun activities - Thursday 8th December.

Messy Church in October

This month we continued on the theme of discipleship. Throughout the gospels we see how Jesus helped the disciples to grow and learn. They learned to preach, to heal, to pray, to trust and to love. He also teaches us to live as his disciples, with love and courage and hope.

The children's area was alive and kicking with junk modelling, the children creating new from old (with a house, a castle, a lorry and an alien train amongst some of the creations!).

Joyce helped the children to find courage to tackle an obstacle course in the lady chapel blindfolded, trusting their guardian to lead them around the course. Sue and Di helped the children to create yummy "love, trust and courage" biscuits. Lynne worked with the children making prayer cards. The children were able to pot up hyacinth bulbs with Liz and Graham so they can watch the plants grow over the next few weeks. All of the children contributed to a huge collage, aided by Wendy. 

As ever, a huge thank you to everyone who came along and joined in or helped (also a big thank you to all the children who helped put away the chairs). 

We hope to see you next month for the end of our discipleship trilogy "Disciples - Sending" on Thursday 10th November.


Messy Church in September

Welcome back everyone! We hope that everyone has enjoyed the summer holidays and has come back refreshed.

September marks the start of three Messy Church sessions based on the theme of discipleship, beginning with the Calling of the Disciples - "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men". 

As always, the edible craft went down a treat - with Lynne and Di helping the children to make a shoal of fishy biscuits decorated with icing, chocolate flakes and hundreds & thousands. Children were able to play a fish catching game with Jeremy. Everyone was able to contribute to what could be our longest collage banner yet, personalising a paper person and helping Sue and Wendy to paste pictures of people from all walks of life to the banner. Rachel helped the children to create a No.1 Disciple frame and mirror. Joyce and Kay helped the children on their way to search for "treasure" - hunting for letters around church (under the pew cushions seemed to be a great hiding place!), which spelt out "Follow Jesus". The children decorated footprint wristbands and necklaces/medals ("Dear Lord please walk with me") with Liz and Laura fixing the velcro fasteners!

Topped with a meal of fishfingers, chips, salad and beans, we can definately say that Messy Church is BACK after the month break.

Don't forget to join us on Thursday 13th October for the next session based on discipleship.

Thank you to everyone who helped and attended. 


Messy Church in July

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our celebration feast, with the children making their own sandwiches and contributing to other shared dishes. They also had the chance to make their own place mats, a model oil lamp and invitations for the next Messy Church in September.

Messy Church in June

A celebration of parables with the theme of "The Kingdom", which incorporated The Mustard Seed, Birds of the heaven, Lillies of the field and The Sower. The children had the opportunity to sow some mustard cress seed with Liz, make an origami bird with Wendy and Lynne, potato print sunflower/poppy/forget-me-not paintings with Sue and Laura, help Jeremy and Don to plant flower pots for the church garden, create a "Sower and the seed" collage with Rachel and Di and "build" their own prayer on the theme of thank you for food, with Joyce and Kay.

Lots more patches have been added to the altar cloth, speak to Wendy if you want to be included.

Don't forget to join us for Messy Church in July on Thursday 14th July.


Messy Church in May

A fab afternoon was spent on parables with the theme of "Lost and Found" (The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep and The Prodigal Son). The children were able to go on a treasure hunt searching for coins with Sue, Joyce and Kay. They were helped by Liz to do some colorful coin rubbings. With Rachel, they were able to try to find the lost sheep in a "Hook-a-sheep" game. Yummy sheep biscuits (covered in marshmallows and other sweets) were made with Lynne, A wonderful poster was created with the children colouring in different sections, telling the story of the Prodigal Son (with help from Wendy and Di). The children were able to make 3D piggy fridge magnets with Jeremy and Laura. 

Don't forget to design your patch for the altar cloth - this creation is still growing!

Come along to next Messy Church on Thursday 9th June.

Messy Church in April

Well, I think it's fair to say that the Messy Easter activities went down a treat! A moment to remember that Easter is not all about chocolate and bunnies! We can reflect on the way that God gives a chance for new life though Jesus' death and resurrection.

The Messy communion cloth is still being added to as new people come to the session - a huge thank you to Wendy who has spent some of her evenings stitching the patches. It looks really colourful and really highlights the theme of Messy Church - it's a celebration and fun!

We had the chance to taste a traditional Passover meal, helped by Jeremy - horseradish sauce (bitter herbs), salt water, apple sauce (haroseth paste), lamb, unleavened bread and red fruit juice, with a white candle lit in the background.

The bitter herbs remind us of the bitterness of slavery.

The salt water reminds us of the tears cried in slavery.

The haroseth paste reminds us of the mud that God's people had to use to make bricks when they were slaves in Egypt.

The lamb reminds us of the lamb's blood that protected the houses of God's people in Egypt.

The flat bread reminds us that when the slaves were rescued by God, they had to leave in such a hurry, there was no time for the bread to rise.

The wine (fruit juice) reminds us of God's blessings.

The children also had the opportunity to make a pop-up Easter card and decorate it with Sue and Jane. Lynne helped the children to create some egg people (check out the Messy Church photos). They created some abstract art masterpieces with Alan and Laura by rolling golf balls covered in paint over card, representing the stone being rolled away from Jesus' tomb.

Palm crosses were folded, with help from Rachel and some delicious chocolate Easter egg nests were made with Liz.

What an amazing Messy session, the only sad note was that it was Alan and Jane's last Messy Church - we're all going to miss you and we wish you all the best.

Please don't forget to put Thursday 12th May in your diary for the next Messy Church.


Messy Church in March

We celebrated Messy Communion in this session. As the Messy Church book goes on to say "Today, Christians at different points of their spiritual journey share it, enjoy it and understand it in different ways and for different reasons. Jesus invited his followers to remember him through this meal and the Church continues to extend that invitation."

Children were able to knead dough and prepare bread rolls with Rachel (which, with perfect timing, were baked for after the service).

They could pulp and mash grapes with Alan the vicar for the communion wine (grape juice)!

To serve the bread and wine, they helped Jane and Lynne to decorate a serving plate and cup.

Joyce and the children brought the prayer tree alive with prayers written on paper leaves.

The communion candle was decorated colourfully and the children were able to decorate their own mini candles with Laura.

Anyone up for some huffing and puffing went to help Di with polishing the silver.

And the pièce de résistance, the children were able to design their own patch to be added to the new Messy altar cloth, with help from Liz, Wendy and Jeremy.


We met in the hall before the service and proceeded into church singing and holding hands. The candle, cup, plate, bread, wine and prayer tree were carried up to the altar. Both young and old took part in Messy Communion and the service had a really lovely atmosphere to it.

Thank you to everyone who helped and we hope you can make it to Messy Easter on Thursday 14th April.


Messy Church in February

Wow - what a fantastic afternoon - a mega thank you to everyone who attended, ate, cooked, sang, played, glued, painted, helped, plaited, stuck, created, tidied and prayed! A record number of Messy Church attendees means that things are really taking off! With the theme of Messy Baptism, everyone had chance to think about promises and reflect on how we belong to the worldwide family of God. 

Take a look at the photo gallery to see the results of some of the activities below.

Based on the widely known Footprints poem, children were able to decorate their own version of poem with stickers with Wendy. They had the opportunity to get messy with the sandy footprints and colourful mirror prints with Laura, Don and Sue.

Liz and Lynne helped to make friendship bracelets with cross charms and as always, the edible craft went down a treat - Joyce's edible candles (created from icing, licorice, marzipan and a biscuit) disappeared quickly after dinner. 

Children were able to go visit Rachel for a session having fun with a doll and the font, reflecting on the significance of Baptism. Everything was rounded up with worship led by Alan and Rachel. 

We hope to see everyone again for Messy Communion on Thursday 10th March.


Messy Church in December

A big thank you to everyone who managed to meet at Messy Church, despite the cold weather. With lots of activites taking place, everyone was able to have a go at a Christmas themed craft.

Children were able to make a Christmas trifle with Liz and Di (which seemed to go down well for pudding, considering the number of empty bowls!).

They made stable animal masks with Rachel and Jeremy, which along with the star and angel glittery pencil toppers, made for a very interactive church nativity story in the Messy service! Combined with a rousing version of "Come and join the Celebration", the service gave us an opportunity to pray for those who are less fortunate than ourselves in the festive season.

With Joyce's help, the children were able to decide on a gift of time and love to give to their loved ones. 

Sue and Ann had one of the messier activities (paint involved!) where the children had the opportunity to make some colourful print wrapping paper.

Everyone was able to contribute to the poster sized Christmas card, helped by Wendy and Marion, wishing all of Streetly a very MESSY, sorry, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

The food and refreshments were delicious as always so another thank you to the kitchen and hospitality helpers.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2011.

Please don't forget that there will not be a Messy Church in January but be prepared for a fun-packed session on Thursday 10th February, based on the theme of Baptism.


Messy Church in November


Everyone had a fun time participating in a mix of activities on the theme of "Who is the Holy Spirit?":

Blowing bubbles - the children were able to see how the Holy Spirit fills us, like our breath fills the bubble mixture.

Making a fruit salad bowl - talking about how healthy eating is good not only for our bodies but also our souls and minds. 

Firework painting - fire is one of the symbols for the Holy Spirit and in the form of fireworks can be fun and exciting.

Making a dove bookmark - the dove is another symbol for the Holy Spirit.

Making Funky Fruit Trees -the children wrote a Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23-23) on fruit shaped card and hung on a branch to make a mini fruit tree, The list of Fruits of the Spirit is "loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled".

Windy Day display - everyone was able to stick a leaf to the tree display and talk about how we know the wind is there. Can you see the wind?


Join us again in December for a session with extra sparkle!

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